Donate to Vétérinaires Sans Frontières-NL

Different donation amounts and what we do with them:

  • With $7.50, we can vaccinate as many as 30 chicks against New Castle Disease, a deadly disease.
  • With €12, we can purchase a cooler for the animal health workers to properly transport vaccinations and other medications.
  • With €30, you make a great contribution to the bicycle for the animal health worker (price bicycle in Malawi is €60).
  • Full training for a CAWH is €1500.

Monthly and annual donations can be made through the SEPA transfer option. The initial payment is made via iDeal, which authorizes us to debit your periodic donation from your account.

Starting at €7.50 per year, discounted benefits on lectures and activities can be used.

As a donor, you are automatically signed up for the VSF-Student update.
If this is unwanted, unsubscribing is possible via the link at the bottom of the email.

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