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You can't make dreams come true on your own. This is also the case for Vétérinaires Sans Frontières-NL. We are incredibly thankful for all the support and contributions from our partners!

On this page, we want to introduce our partners and biggest donors and what they have done for and with VSF-NL to make our dreams reality.


Team up with Vétérinaires Sans Frontières-NL?

Do you want to work together with us to reach our goal of healthy people, healthy animals and a healthy planet? You can! Please contact us, so we can talk about all the possibilities.

DZG-België logo

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium (VSF-Belgium) helps stock farmers in 9 different African countries. They vaccinate and take care of herds and help families there to improve their stock raising.  VSF-Belgium also was there with us starting VSF-NL back in 2018 and has ever since supported us with technical advice about project management, communications and fundraising. VSF-Belgium also helps us out financially, so VSF-NL can grow and stabilize as an organization.

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières International (VSF-I) is an international network of non-profit organizations who work in agriculture, stock breeding and animal welfare on a worldwide scale to help small farmers. Vétérinaires Sans Frontières-NL is a member of the VSF-I network. Combining our strengths together, we can make a bigger impact!

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St. Anna Advies logo

St. Anna Advies offers practical communication advice and training for the veterinarian and agriculture sector. Healthy animals, happy people and a smoothly running organization. That is what it's all about. St. Anna Advies donates 2.000 euros each year to VSF and gives us communication advice to improve our campaigns. St. Anna Advies doneert jaarlijks 2.000 euro aan DZG en geeft ons communicatie advies om onder andere  onze campagnes te verbeteren.

Wilde Ganzen contributes all around the world by offering a helping hand. They support our projects financially and with knowledge. Whenever a project gets approved by them, they will cover ⅓ of the project budget. We recognize Wilde Ganzen, which in turn works as a stamp of approval towards other donors.

Wilde Ganzen logo

Matunkha logo

The Matunkha Centre is a centre located in the north of Malawi, Africa. There they support children who most need it with education, healthcare, and the development of their village. 
Matunkha offers a training location for animal healthcare workers around the area of Rumphi, a city in Malawi, and keeps in contact with them.

Edgard & Cooper is an organization that specializes in making healthy, tasty pet food and improving the quality of life for dogs and cats. Donations from Edgar & Cooper help Vétérinaires Sans Frontières vaccinate as many dogs as possible against the rabies virus in Malawi, Africa.

Egard & Cooper

CCEI logo

Center for Community Empowerment Initiatives (CCEI) is a non-profit organization in Malawi. The goal of CCEI is making life-changing and affordable technology more accessible to communities that really need it.
CCEI is our executive partner in Malawi and our program manager, Gilbert Banda, works for them.

Covetrus is a veterinary wholesale business. Via Covetrus we can send flyers for our yearly project Vaccinate For Africa in their boxes for free to veterinary clinics all over The Netherlands. Because of this, we can reach more clinics and make them excited to join the project! 

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GARC logo

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) is a non-profit that strives to eliminate rabies by 2030. They want to accomplish this goal by vaccinating as many dogs with rabies in areas where this disease is common, like Africa. GARC gives VSF technical advice on how to execute our new rabies project in Malawi, where we vaccinate 22.000 dogs against rabies. We can also use their app to keep track of all the vaccinations.

Together, we can work on food security all around the world.
With your gift, we improve the future of African families by keeping their herds healthy.

Als de kudde ziek is, sterft het dorp

Als Afrikaanse veeboeren hun kudde verliezen door ziekte, droogte of conflict, verliezen ze alles: hun trots, cultuur, spaargeld en voedsel. Jij kan hen helpen. Maak van de wereld een betere plek en geef Afrikaanse families een betere toekomst.

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