Many little ones make one big herd

Donating to Give a Goat allows us to support small farming families in northern Malawi over the years.

I am Giving a Goat

In 2020 we raised enough money to give 63 goats, in 2021 66 goats, in 2022 34 goats and in 2023 64 goats.

These donations will help support farmers in Malawi by giving a goat and much more. View here the experiences of families who received goats and click here for our other projects.

Are you curious about where the goats we give end up?

The goats end up with families in the Mzuzu area. Mzuzu is an area in northern Malawi. In this area, we have also trained Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) who will help families keep their received goats healthy. 

See where Mzuzu is located: