Who is VSF-student?

VSF-Student is made up of a board and committees. The board consists completely of veterinary students. Every board member leads a committee of other students and graduated veterinarians.



Chairman | Pleuni van Maanen

Hi everyone! My name is Pleuni, I'm in my third year of the bachelor, and I'm also the chairman for the Vétérinaires Sans Frontière-Student board! Ever since I was little, I have been interested in animals and spending time outdoors. Next to veterinary medicine, I also want to help both humans and animals in developing countries. That's why I'm always an active member of the VSF-Student project board. I'm happy that I got the chance to be a part of the board and want to make something great out of it!



Secretary | Esther Bor

Hey everyone! My name is Esther Bor, I'm 21 years old and am currently in the fourth year of the bachelor. Ever since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to be a veterinarian, especially for wild animals. I've also always had the passion of helping out people and animals in developing countries. That is why I joined the project committee at the start of this year. I think it's amazing to see what we as VSF-Student can achieve, and I hope I can contribute my part as the board secretary!



Treasurer | Lennart van de Merwe

Hi! I'm Lennart, a second-year bachelor's student, and recently appointed treasurer for VSF-Student! I have been fascinated with organizing and raising money for development aid and helping people who need it my whole life. When I had to make a choice between Aerospace Engineering and veterinary medicine, was the option to help out VSF, definitely a big factor in making my decision! I will try my best as treasurer to raise as much money as physically is possible for VSF.



Coordinator Pojects | Luka Botman

Hey! I am Luka, 21 years and just starting with the fourth year of my bachelor. I've always wanted to make a difference in the world. That is why in my third year I've joined the Project Board from Vétérinaires Sans Frontière, where I can be a chairwoman this year because of a board function. I will be the person who keeps in contact with the projects we support internationally. I'm very excited to be of service to the people who have it a little harder than us this year!



Coordinator of Internal Contacts | Lisanne Louwerse

Hello everyone! I am Lisanne and I'm 22 years old. Recently, I have joined the VSF-Student Board. I will work as the Internal Contacts Coordinator. I have loved animals since I was little. This is why it was no surprise that in 2019 I decided to start studying veterinary medicine. Last year I organized Run4Rabies 2022 together with the other committee members. I'm looking forward to helping out Vétérinaires Sans Frontière even more and making all students excited for all the fun stuff we will organize in the future!



Coordinator of External Contacts | Siska Hulsman

Hi everyone! My name is Siska, and I'm 20 years old. I'm currently in the third year of my bachelor of veterinary medicine. Because of my interest in teaching, I joined the educational board in my second year. This way I started getting more and more involved with VSF, my enthusiasm also got bigger as the time went on. I've always dreamed of volunteering in a different country, and I'm excited to help out from The Netherlands as a board member. As Coordinator of External Contacts, it is my goal to reach a bigger audience and make them as enthusiastic as I am to work for a healthier world with healthy animals and people!

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